About our site

Used Printers.com is the online source for all of your used printer needs! Used Printers.com is the resale website for eScrapInc, LLC., one of the leading electronics recyclers in the midwest. Computers, used printers, asset recovery and surplus electronics - eScrapInc, LLC., is providing new ways to recycle electronics. We are committed to ending or substantially reducing the waste of reusable resources that currently exists with wholesale landfilling of excess and scrap electronics. We are an EPA recognized recycling facility. We want your used printers, used computer, medical and/or communications equipment.

We refurbish many varieties and types of printers including:

Laser Jet Printers
Dot Matrix Printers
Epson Printers
Okidata Printers
...ane more!

In addition to used printers, we also refurbish computers, laptops and other electronics equipment. We thoroughly test and clean our printers by certified technicians in our large warehouse. And we offer Excellent Customer Service! always ready to meet our customers' individual needs. Thank you for visiting Used Printers.com! We hope you have been able to fulfill all of your used and refurbished printer needs here! And remember - we are more than just used printers - so check back often for additions to our site!